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When Tim Every-Burns’ Father-in-Law passed away, he had to decide what to do with the mobile scooter that was left. Rather than sell it, he chose to give it away to someone who needed a scooter, but who didn’t have the means to buy one.

Rotary Club Mobile Scooter -

To assist he called Gordon Crawford the President of The Entrance Rotary Club for help. Several approaches were taken including getting the assistance of Renée Dunn, a Care Worker, with The Samaritans.

Rotary Club Mobile Scooter -

Three weeks later Renée found Richard Foster, an 81-year-old pensioner, who had fallen, broken six ribs and was unable to drive with his injuries. It was decided that a worthy person had been found for the scooter.

Richard was  delighted with this new acquisition and hopefully he will recover from his injuries quickly. When he does Rotary have already found another elderly person who will then have the scooter passed on to them.

Tim was delighted to find his Father-in-Law’s scooter doing so much to relieve some of the mobility problems experienced by older members of our

Rotary Club Mobile Scooter -

Are there any more mobile scooters out there looking for a new home? Contact us…

Rotary & Samaritans working together for a great result

Rotary Club Mobile Scooter -

We are pleased to advise that Richard Foster, an 81-year-old pensioner, who had use of the Clubs scooter had recovered from his injuries (refer to article lower on this page ) and returned the scooter to the Club. .

Club President, Gordon Crawford was aware of Isobel Hayward. who walks unsteadily with a walker.  Isobel had a fall and lay on the road in the retirement village she lives in for over 2 hours until someone found her. A neighbour knew of her plight and responded to a announcement by the village manager at an information session who then contacted Gordon. Gordon then connected with Isobel,  and organised the scooter to be delivered. Isobel’s neighbour and Gordon  showed Isobel how the scooter worked and and helped her overcome her nervousness riding it. So far so good.

Rotary Club Mobile Scooter -