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RAWCS National Project

Rotary Club of The Entrance is receiving a Grant to pay for a Corey unit and a Danny Sandpit for the Autism Spectrum School in Terrigal.

The Corey Unit provides opportunities for children to interact, climb, slide and play with different levels and activities to keep them focused and interested, thereby improving their gross motor skills and concentration.

The Danny Sand Pit has sand with a special texture which is very appealing to the students and a well constructed sand pit will provide new learning spaces where they can learn and respond to the sensory stimuli sand creates.

Confirmation of this project has been received from the RAWCS National Project Manager, please read the confirmation letter below and if possible any assistance by way of funds would be very appreciated. The link to donate funds is shown at the bottom of Mr Willis’s letter

Dear Rotarians Gordon and Robin.

I have registered your project – Community Grant 12 Students of Aspect School (RACG) with number 115-2017-18 on the RAWCS national website. Please use this number on all documentation to your Regional Coordinators, Regional Treasurers or National Treasurer. Congratulations on initiating this project.

I have switched on the online donation facility. You will receive email notification of all donations to the project.

Gordon Crawford is recorded as the Project Manager and Robin Hearder is recorded as Deputy Project Manager.

The sponsoring Club is Rotary Club of The Entrance, District 9685.

This is a National Region project registered for project funding.

The total cost of this project is $21,138.00 from the following sources:

  • Rotary Club of The Entrance: $10,000.00
  • Other Contributions: $1,138.00
  • RACG: $10,000.00

I ask you to check that all of the details that appear on our website are correct. Let me know if they need to be amended.

  • A summary of the project details can viewed by clicking here.
  • The RAWCS website is located at
  • Both the project manager and the deputy can view full details of the project at Log in with your email address and click on the ‘Forgotten Password‘ link to have a password emailed to you. Details available through this website include financial transactions, which are uploaded about two weeks after each month end.

The Project Manager (or on their absence, the Deputy) is responsible for ensuring that the funding is applied to the project and completing six-monthly on-line project reports to RAWCS for the life of the project. The Project Manager’s and Deputy’s name and contact details appear on the he list of projects that are published on our website.

As project managers please ensure that no donor receives material benefit or advantage due to their donation. This is to comply with ATO rulings applying to Deductible Gifts Recipients (refer – Income tax: tax deductible gifts – what is a gift – TR 2005/13).

Please read the following documents so that you are aware of your responsibilities as project managers:

Please note that your project will be charged the service charge of 2.5% on all donations.

Tax deductibility is granted through “Rotary Australia Benevolent Society” � ABN 54 563 288 318.

If you have a website for your project, club or district you can insert the hyperlink below. This will take donors directly to our secure donations page. .

All payments to beneficiaries are to be made by an email from you to the RAWCS National Treasurer, PP Mike Whitehouse (0448 710 882). Please arrange for invoices to be made out to “Rotary Australia Benevolent Society” so that we can claim back the GST on payments and add to the amount raised in donations for the project. Those invoices will have to be sent attached to your email to the RAWCS National Treasurer ( with a covering email identifying the project by registration number.

I hope you get many donations from this initiative.

Yours in Rotary Service,
Michael Willis
RAWCS National Project Manager